The MONA Scale Model

A Monochromatic Marvel

Ready for a tongue twister? Then meet our magnificent monochromatic MONA Museum Model!

Just recently delivered to Omaha, Nebraska to the architects office for the MONA Museum of Nebraska Art located in Kearney, this model was made to be utilized as a presentation piece for their proposed expansion and restoration of the museum. The current museum is housed in the historic 1911 United States Post Office building in Kearney. As the MONA’s programs and exhibits have grown over the years, so has their need for a larger and more accessible space.

We are pleased to have been able to create this special scale model to bring their vision for the renovations to life! The combination of the monochromatic color scheme with the green landscaping and lighting has produced a model that compliments the beautiful details of the historic post office building and the modern look of the new additions.

The MONA model is a perfect representation of how scale models can bring architectural concepts to life and be used to market projects! We look forward to seeing this project take form and are ecstatic to have been a part of the process. Thank you to everyone we worked with at the MONA for choosing Global 3D Arts!

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