Goodyear Recreation Campus

In 2018 Hunter Contracting Company-Goodyear located in Arizona proposed to create a recreation park. The purpose is to create a type of marketing tool to promote the proposed recreation park. Here you will see an animation that was completed this year in March.

The animation shows the details of what the park could possibly look like realistically. The animation also gives a bird’s eye fly through of the entire park, as well as any interior: for example the ping pong tables.

Here is the link to the final project.  The details range from the bathrooms, pool,to the parking lot. Enjoy!

Dusty, Scratched, Dirty…

You have a beautiful, custom-designed scale model from Global 3D Arts placed out in your business or home for all to see. Recently, you have taken the model out and realized that it has collected some dirt over the years.

Image result for person cleaning a scale model

Here are some hacks we have figured work best for a model to still look brand new.

If you have a tiny shop vacuum on hand, they will be fairly useful for cleaning. If you don’t and are not feeling inclined to purchase one, we recommend the following options! These are all smaller items and can be made specifically for cleaning a model.

The best option is a brush – we prefer to use a paint brush; the bristles are soft and smooth. This is so that any dust that is loose doesn’t get deep down into other areas where it can be hard to reach.

Next is compressed air, which is often used in an office setting. This gets into even smaller spaces that a brush can’t get through. You must be careful when using compressed air because it could move some landscaping or foliage that isn’t placed properly.

Once the dust is good and gone, it is time for liquid cleaners. Be aware that some chemicals can affect the paint or plastic of a model. Soap and water also does the trick – apply to a wash cloth to remove any excess dirt.  Then,  let the model air-dry and it will look as if it came straight from the shipping box.

We recommend models be cleaned monthly to help preserve them.

If you have any questions or are needing more information do not hesitate to ask us!