Lloyd Center Mall Scale Model

The First (And Tiniest) Scale Model of 2022!

New year – new models! We are excited to have already finished a scale model project so early into 2022. Hopefully, things stay at this pace all year long and we get the opportunity to do even more unique and challenging projects!

With a base size of 6 inches by 1 foot, the Lloyd Center Mall Scale Model features some of the most scaled-down details we’ve ever done. Without the help of any drawings or plans of the mall, we had to rely solely on Google Earth and pictures to produce the 3D files for printing. On top of that, we had to rush to get this model done and shipped off so that it could be given as a gift on time!

The cooperation and timely communication from our clients made this model possible. We enjoyed every second of this project, and look forward to more remarkable projects in 2022!

Curious how this model was made? Check out these progress pictures below.

3D file created of the Lloyd Center Mall
Laser cut model pieces being assembled
First coat of paint
Model is attached to the base and color and details are added
Close up-side view of model
Penny used for scale and final nameplate placement decided
Model is finished and ready to be shipped!

We Have A New Scale Model Coming Soon!

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