Las Vegas Casinos Scale Models

Here first is “The Wynn” casino model. Coming soon are scale models of the MGM casino and NYNY casino. The models are fully lighted and are to be included in a private train diorama of a Las Vegas resident. Stay tuned to see the MGM & NYNY!

Logistics Warehouses

Global 3D Arts recently completed 5 custom built scale models and 5 custom Walnut display tables for the offices of Bluescope Properties Group of Kansas City. These models are of different scales and scale models of existing Bluescope properties located in Texas and Florida.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters

If the structure does not have a solid foundation, the building will collapse.

The detail, patience, skill, vision, materials and desire make Global 3D Arts the only model maker you will want to work with. As you can see below it takes professionalism to the extent of extreme to create a Global 3D Arts model. 3d printing, laser cut acrylics, plastics, woods, papers, epoxy and plenty of glue fits the molds our architects and model makers create. Landscape grasses, trees and terrains are duplicated to the species of the original area to create the more realistic scale model.

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