Early in 2023, Global 3D Arts was contacted to build several scale models of Las Vegas structures. These scale models were going to be the centerpieces in a private O scale train diorama of Las Vegas. Several choices were on the list including, Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, The Luxor, The Wynn, MGM GRAND, NYNY and Fremont Street. The choice was made and Global 3D Arts began the design and construction of #1 The Wynn, #2 MGM GRAND, #3 NYNY. Please keep in mind that there were no architectural CAD drawings available to complete this task. Each model had to be designed on images available, Google Earth and other maps that will let you walk around the areas in virtual reality and animations were used to help in the discovery and design of exact duplication of the sites. Our team of modelers spent countless hours in the design, the architectural drawings, the 3D Printing, and precise laser cutting of acrylic sheets. Our over 2O year Master Modeler say’s there are career achievements. L.C. is defiantly a master at all he does. Stay tuned for 2024 our first model for 2024 is a 60 acre Ontario, Canada Paper Mill.

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Finishing the year out in a large way, introducing to you the NYNY Hotel & Casino scale model.

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In November 2023, Global 3D Arts was contacted to provide renderings showing what the shell of the Kelly Theater located in Wakeeny, Kansas could become again. To provide public bathrooms on main street and to provide a venue for all types of events. The backgrounds in the renderings show the actual court house, corner of flags and city offices. The event in the renderings are of a music concert. These are those renderings.

Alvin W. Vogtle Electric Generating Plant

12 Years in Construction

In 2009, Global 3D Arts was commissioned by the Southern Co to provide a scale model of the nuclear plant for display in their visitors center. This model was to show what the first nuclear energy site to be built in the United States in 30 years would look like in its surroundings after completion. Soon after, the request for another scale model was received and this model would be used to train personnel that came to work on the nuclear energy site.

After 12 years, Global 3D Arts was contacted by the Southern Co again. There request was after many years of construction, buildings, trailers and tents littered the site. They needed to show what the site would like if 10 buildings built for construction purposes were kept and repurposed for use. Ten buildings were chosen and be repurposed for departments such as IT or Maintenance.

This is the project of the Vogtle Renderings – Global 3D Arts produced renderings of individual buildings showing the Vogtle color scheme. Also, areal views were produced showing the 10 buildings saved within the site and also parking lots that were repurposed to forested areas.

Architectural Scale Models, Renderings & Animations by #global3darts.com

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High Detail Interior & Exterior Scale Models

The Mikvah

We are please to have completed for our client the highly detailed model of a Mikvah. There was no detail too small to be shown. Wallpaper and tile sized to meet scale. Reflecting mirrors animate the surrounding. Detailed exterior with lift off roof and landscaping, including duplication of signage.

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Las Vegas Casinos Scale Models

Here first is “The Wynn” casino model. Coming soon are scale models of the MGM casino and NYNY casino. The models are fully lighted and are to be included in a private train diorama of a Las Vegas resident. Stay tuned to see the MGM & NYNY!

Logistics Warehouses

Global 3D Arts recently completed 5 custom built scale models and 5 custom Walnut display tables for the offices of Bluescope Properties Group of Kansas City. These models are of different scales and scale models of existing Bluescope properties located in Texas and Florida.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters

If the structure does not have a solid foundation, the building will collapse.

The detail, patience, skill, vision, materials and desire make Global 3D Arts the only model maker you will want to work with. As you can see below it takes professionalism to the extent of extreme to create a Global 3D Arts model. 3d printing, laser cut acrylics, plastics, woods, papers, epoxy and plenty of glue fits the molds our architects and model makers create. Landscape grasses, trees and terrains are duplicated to the species of the original area to create the more realistic scale model.

Visit the FallingWater site fallingwater.org