Custom Scale Model Add-Ons

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Custom Covers and Display Cases

One of the scale model additions that we offer at Global 3D Arts is custom-made scale model covers and display cases. We design these clear covers to protect your model from being damaged and to keep them looking brand new. No need to worry about trying to clean between all of the tiny nooks and crevices on your model when it is preserved by a display case! These covers are not only durable but also removable so that you can show off your scale model however you please.

Custom Nameplates

Another popular scale model add-on, custom nameplates are the perfect finishing touch to a scale model, especially if it is on display. Nameplates can feature the name or title of a project, a location or address, a map key, a short excerpt, or essentially whatever it is you want to outline. They are a great way to give context to your scale model for your viewers. We can customize the metal finish as well as the font style to match the overall look of the model and make it really stand out.

Custom Bases

Get creative with your scale model display! We can create a custom table base that perfectly fits your model and gives it that extra wow factor. Regular tabletop bases that are not raised are also an option. These beautiful wooden bases can be fitted with one of our custom covers for an all-in-one scale model display that is sure to turn heads.

Custom Crates and Cases

It is important to consider how your scale model will be getting from place to place, especially if it will be doing some regular travelling. We have created dozens of custom model crates and cases that make transport less stressful and more convenient. You can rest assured that your model will travel safely and arrive in one piece in our heavy-duty cases! While these are particularly useful for travelling exhibit or trade show models, they can also come in handy if you plan to store your model at any point.

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