Windsor Masonic Temple

Quantity:5 models
Size:7 x 7 inches
Location: Canada
The Story

A Masonic Temple which is also known as a Masonic Hall , from the Freemasonry. Masonic Temple are a place for spiritual settings and rituals. Best known for a place of meetings. Today the Windsor Masonic Temple, located in Windsor, Ontario in Canada is still being used.

To step inside the Windsor Masonic Temple is to follow in the footsteps of the men and women (from Prime Ministers to Custodians, from Mayors to Musicians) that have, if only for an evening, called the Windsor Masonic Temple home.

The Windsor Masonic Temple is a Masonic home. It is also home to the cherished memories of our friends, neighbors, parents, and grandparents; memories formed through school dances and graduations, weddings and receptions, banquets and (yes) Masonic ceremonies.

Global 3D Arts has had the opportunity to create 5 mini replica models of the Windsor Masonic Temple.

For more information see our podcast with Square & Compass Promotions showing how this amazing model was built.

We have been grateful to create five models for the organization. Stay tuned for more masonic models!
The Final Product!
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